‘VORTEXAS’ is now ‘The Vortex’!

For those that have been following along with us over the last few years you know that our content spans a wide variety of subjects and typically has the VORTEXAS logo embedded within it. As we continue to expand and develop our media & community beyond the domain of Texas we are excited to continue our work through a more encompassing brand not bound by region.


While we love the VORTEXAS designs and the family we’ve established, this new opportunity will allow us to reach a broader and more diverse community wherein we may explore beyond our local areas. Don’t worry, we aren’t going away! This is simply a form of rebranding and readjusting to the new direction of content that we are very much looking forward to providing for all of you!

‘The Vortex’ will now be our newly revised¬† platform for media & content, featuring original work by Daniel Alan Jones such as exclusive interviews, documentaries, and more! We welcome you to the latest envisioning of our project and are glad to have you with us on all of our adventures – over the years and future ones to come! Thank you for your understanding!


There are new discoveries being made everyday, let’s work together to find out what’s next! Remember, we won’t know if we don’t go! We’ll see you in The Vortex!