John Warms – Strange Creatures of Canada

John Warms

In October of 2018 there was an event held in Crosbyton, Texas called “They Are Real!” and it was a cryptozoology conference. Joe Taylor and the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum were the hosts and there were several speakers including Daniel Alan Jones. John Warms came all the way down to Texas from Canada to share about some incredible stories of mysterious & fascinating creatures.

John Warms is the author of ‘Strange Creatures Seldom Seen‘, a cryptozoology book with a collection of accounts from Canada dealing with encounters & sightings of mysterious beasts, unusual animals, and bizarre wildlife reports. Having connected with the natives, John has the unique opportunity to learn about stories from their lore and experiences with some of these creatures.

On the last day of the event Daniel had the opportunity to talk with John about his work, here he shares about the many types of creatures encountered in Canada:


The field of cryptozoology deals with the study of “hidden” or unknown animals. While most people might think of Bigfoot or the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra, there are several mystery creatures that have been encountered all around the world. There are many researchers and events dedicated to this study, the aim is mostly to examine records & reports along with field investigations. It could be said that Cryptozoologists seek to prove the existence of ‘Cryptids’, the creatures of cryptozoology.