Edinburg ‘Out of this World’ UFO Festival & Conference

The Edinburg ‘Out-of-this-World’ UFO Festival & Conference is an annual event in South Texas with great guests & features! Noe Torres is a founder of the event and has continued to be involved with it since its inception. This event just completed its 10th anniversary and Daniel Alan Jones has provided media coverage for both the conference and festival since 2015. He has also been featured as the event’s Master of Ceremony in recent years.

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The reason that this event is held in Edinburg, Texas is due to the report of a UFO case from the area dating back to 1966. Eight construction workers from Dallas claimed to have encountered some strange aerial phenomenon at their work site which destroyed their equipment as reported to the local sherriff’s office. The Sherriff later came to investigate the site and happened to bring his son along who also witnessed the burnt remains of the equipment. The son, Joe Ponce, has come forward in more recent years to share about his involvement with this encounter and the current property owners have, in coordination with the City of Edinburg, allowed for field investigations and tours to be conducted of area on their property during the city’s event over the last few years.

Additional Resources:
Main Site: https://edinburgufo.com/
City Site: https://cityofedinburg.com/ufo_festival/index.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdinburgUFO/
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