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Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Meeting Description:

UFO Investigator Panel + Disclosure Updates & Media Presentation

Welcome Dallas Public Library Guests & Intro MUFON Texas Field Investigators
• MUFON Texas Field Investigator Panel Discussion: Gary Neitzel, Jeremy Gaylon, Tom Morgan and Tommy Diamond (Have your questions ready!)
• Break – Refreshments, Meet & Greet
• Video Interviews from Edinburg UFO Festival & Updates by Daniel Alan Jones
Due to “standing room only” for our past two meetings, we have booked a larger room.
We are now in Stuart Hall B. Comfortable seating for everyone! We promise!
When the meeting ends at 5pm, please join us as we will migrate to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat
and continue the discussion!
Come meet the Field Investigators who who do the hard work to bring us the facts!
Hear the latest disclosure info from the Edinburg UFO Festival!



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