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Sunday,September 24th, 2017

Meeting Description:

Tribute to Jim Marrs with Daniel Alan Jones
Join us for this month’s DFW MUFON meeting as we celebrate the life of world renowned author & researcher Jim Marrs and share about his work, fond memories, and more! Jim Marrs wrote Crossfire, Alien Agenda, Rule By Secrecy, several others, and was a key figure in the study of UFO’s. Jim was scheduled to speak for September but died in August due to a heart attack.
For the first half, Daniel Alan Jones will show pictures and tell about the legacy of Jim Marrs and his contributions to the world of seeking truth. Guests will also be allowed to share their memories as well.
For the second half, we have a video presentation made by Daniel of one of Jim’s lectures.
We will have some of Jim Marrs’ books & items for sale, if you have any questions (regarding Jim) please contact Daniel:



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