Derrel Sims – The Alien Hunter

Derrel Sims, known as “The Alien Hunter”, has been featured on various television networks and productions on the subject of UFOs & extraterrestrial life. After having his own extraordinary experience earlier on in life he now works with others who have similar experiences and are looking for answers.

Derrel was a featured guest at the recent Sky Dancer Native UFO Conference in Houston, Texas along with a number of guests such as Clifford Mahooty and The Paranormal Rangers – Navajo Rangers Jon Redbird Dover & Stanley Milford. During the conference the speakers covered topics dealing with the UFO phenomenon from the Native perspective. The next Sky Dancer event will be in May 2019 with details on the main site:

In this interview segment brought to you by The Vortex Daniel Alan Jones talks with Derrel about the new event as well as his work in the field of UfologyThe Alien Hunter has spent years working with people’s reports & cases of alien abduction, offering them a diverse array of methods to help them understand their own experiences such as hypnotic regression, implant procedures & removal, and phosphorescence detection.


For those looking to contact Derrel Sims and find out more about his work they can go to his website –