Bob Gimlin: “Bigfoot Does Exist!”

Bob Gimlin

While traveling on horseback through Bluff Creek, California in 1967, Bob Gimlin and his partner Roger Patterson had an encounter which changed the world. Fortunately, their encounter was captured on film and has since become one of the most famous pieces of footage in all of cinema history!

At the 2018 Texas Bigfoot Conference, an annual event held in Jefferson, Texas (a place with a high concentration of Bigfoot activity, and the location used for Bigfoot movies like ‘Something in the Woods”) Daniel Alan Jones had the opportunity to meet Bob Gimlin and celebrate his 87th birthday as well as a one-on-one interview where Bob shared about his experience.
Bob Gimlin Daniel Jones Bigfoot

“Bigfoot does exist!” – Bob Gimlin

The Vortex is honored to present this fascinating talk with Daniel and Bob in which they talk about the experience from 1967, how it has affected his life, and even some lesser-known history of the Patterson-Gimlin Film and what happened that day. Meet the man behind the most well-known Bigfoot encounter, Bob Gimlin:

Cryptozoology & Bigfoot

Whether they believe or not, everyone has heard something about ‘Bigfoot’ or Sasquatch and many people may know someone who has even had a sighting or encounter. While most conventional sciences don’t officially acknowledge the existence of the creatures we commonly call “Bigfoot” there are those who have been researching the phenomenon for decades. This is the study of Cryptozoology – “hidden” animals or strange & relict creatures called ‘Cryptids’. Though this odd field of study originated through classical concepts of flesh & blood animals yet-to-be discovered, it’s modern researchers have expanded the breadth of what the study may encompass all together. From scientific discoveries of animals once thought to be extinct to bizarre encounters with ‘monsters’ and unknown creatures – sometimes with paranormal qualities! Although, not all ‘Cryptozoologists’ agree on what some creatures like Bigfoot actually are, there does seem to be a general consensus; something is out there! There are numerous accounts of anomalous phenomenon including encounters many with bizarre creatures. Different researchers speculate & theorize about not only the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot but how such a creature might live. The elusiveness of the phenomenon is very strange and makes one wonder – not if – but when we will come to an acknowledgement to officially recognize the existence of these creatures.

One of the biggest challenges for the field of Cryptozoology and studies on Bigfoot & Sasquatch is why it seems there are mostly insignificant images or videos even with today’s modern technology. It is a puzzling concept indeed but there is one video which has stood the test of time for over half a century! The Patterson-Gimlin Film. The image that most people have in their mind when they hear or think about Bigfoot is usually the figure portrayed in ‘Frame 352’ from the Patterson-Gimlin Film. It has become so iconic that it is the main image in Bigfoot-related artwork, now heavily embedded within pop culture – thanks to Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.


Article & Interview by Daniel Alan Jones, March 2019